Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Product Recommendation- SerraGold

SerraGold made by Enzymedica consists of  an enzyme called serrapeptase, which was originally found in the stomach of the silk worm and was the enzyme that helped it to get out of its cocoon unharmed. The capsule also contains several other vitamins.  

Serrapeptase is supposed to digest non-living tissue in the body and is said to be beneficial to those with high cholesterol, arterial plaque, and scar tissue. It also, supposedly, digests yeast.  Now, I don't know if it actually works in these ways, but I find that I am able to eat some fast food (like one Taco Bell burrito) with autolyzed yeast while taking SerraGold and it does not cause pain or other IBS/IBD symptoms. It also seems to work like fiber is described as working, at least on me.  I've tried other brands and they did nothing.  Point is, while taking this, I feel even more healthy, and as such I highly recommend it!

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