Monday, January 24, 2011

The Sample

I was in our local Giant Discount Shopping Warehouse today, and while my mom and nephew happily tasted samples of everything from the stands these sorts of places have, I was standing to the side reading ingredients before trying anything.  I've come to a point, after almost a year of following this diet, that the word YEAST jumps out at me like a terrifying capuchin monkey the moment I look at an ingredient list.  It takes me split seconds to find it usually, and then I set the product down with a "Meh, can't have it..."
Today, however, after walking over and checking the label on the amazing looking Belgian waffles that were being sampled and performing the... "Ug, yeast, phooey!" ritual, the sample woman just kept on hassling me to try them while my family stood there munching them. I have to wonder if she was getting some amazing commission for selling some. Maybe they were having a contest for Superbowl week off, because she was REALLY trying to sell some.
Anyway, I politely, as I always do, expressed that they looked delicious but that I couldn't try them because they had yeast, to which I was allergic.  Now, I know I am not allergic in the medical sense of the word, but since I can never put it in my body again because my body won't tolerate it, and it makes people stop trying to force things on me, I use "allergic." Sue me.
And then she looks at me and says "The waffles I MAKE don't have yeast..."
"Well, they're Belgian... maybe that is where the deliciousness comes from.."
And she proceeds to get very snooty towards me and haughtily picks up the package and narrows her eyes and says, "I don't see yeast in the ingredients!" What the hell am I supposed to say to that?  Like I am trying to trick her so I don't have to eat something delicious?
And so I said, "Really, it is there, at the bottom," and she glared at me as I turned and walked away leaving her to look for the yeast, annoyed that she was trying to get me eat something I wanted but couldn't have, and was being a butt about it too.

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  1. We had someone try to sell us a frozen pizza we didn't want at the grocery store. She wouldn't leave us alone, so we finally grabbed the one we wanted and left! --I know that's not quite the same...but still, salespeople should be able to tell when to give up? Good luck!